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Rangimarie Dougall-Mita re-joins for 2024


Wellington, 10/01/2024 — The Mills Albert Saints are thrilled to announce the return of the dynamic scorer Rangimarie Dougall-Mita for the 2024 NZ NBL season. A familiar face in the Saints family, Rangimarie's re-signing marks his fourth consecutive season with the team and his sixth overall in the NZNBL.

Coach Zico Coronel expressed his excitement, stating, "Re-signing Rangimarie was an integral aspect of building our roster for 2024, so I'm pleased we've been able to achieve this. Rangimarie is an exemplary teammate, and a worthy steward of the Mills Albert Saints' tradition of championship-worthy habits. I look forward to guiding his growth as an on-court contributor this coming season."

Rangimarie's standout performance at the recent 3x3 Cup grew his confidence and our confidence in him to be a key signing in 2024. Not only did he secure All-Star 4 honours, but he also claimed the title of the top scorer, showcasing his growing skills on the court. These achievements underscore his commitment to excellence and his ability to shine in high-pressure situations.

As the 2024 season approaches, Rangimarie brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the Saints' ethos. Having been part of the team for multiple seasons, he embodies the spirit of the Mills Albert Saints and contributes to the legacy of championship-worthy performances.

The Mills Albert Saints welcome Rangimarie Dougall-Mita back to the family and look forward to an electrifying 2024 season filled with memorable moments and thrilling victories. Get ready to witness the magic unfold as Rangimarie and the Saints embark on another exciting chapter in NZNBL history!