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Terms and Conditions


Wellington Saints, Saints Limited, is a New Zealand Incorporated Society. Sales currency is denominated in New Zealand dollars and includes a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST). Additional fees and charges may be applied by financial institutions, card issuers, or other parties.


Wellington Saints, Saints Limited, remains a New Zealand Incorporated Society. Sales currency continues to be in New Zealand dollars and includes GST at 15%. Additional fees and charges may be applied by financial institutions, card issuers, or other parties.

  1. Meaning of Terms

1.1 Definitions:

1.1.1 'Member' refers to the individual holding a Wellington Saints Membership, limited to one person per Membership.

1.1.2 'Membership' denotes categories outlined in paragraph 1.2.

1.1.3 'Membership Card' is a Ticket issued by Wellington Saints for 10 home matches at TSB Arena.

1.1.4 'Membership Card Holder' is an individual using a Membership Card for entry to TSB Arena.

1.1.5 'Person' includes individuals and incorporated bodies such as companies and societies.

1.1.6 'Primary Account Holder' is a person purchasing a Membership, receiving correspondence, having specific rights, and entitled to entry to TSB Arena.

1.1.8 'Stadium' refers to TSB Arena in Wellington.

1.1.9 'Ticket' is proof of payment issued by Wellington Saints for entry to TSB Arena.

1.1.10 'Ticket Holder' is a person using a Ticket for entry to TSB Arena.

1.1.11 'Wellington Saints' refers to Saints Inc, focusing on amateur basketball, including club basketball.

1.2 Categories of Membership

1.2.1 A Wellington Saints 'Season Membership' grants access to 10 Wellington Saints round-robin games in 2024, categorized as Adult, Child, Student, or Senior.

1.2.2 ‘Wellington Saints Child Membership admits children 14 years and under.

1.2.3 ‘Wellington Saints Senior Membership admits adults 65 years and over.

1.2.4 ‘Wellington Saints Student Membership admits a student with a current Secondary Student ID.

  1. Key Terms and Conditions

2.1 Wellington Saints determines closing dates for orders and Membership Card availability.

2.2 Membership Cards and Tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded, or returned after purchase, subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

2.3 Primary Account Holders, Membership Card Holders, and Ticket Holders must comply with all Terms and Conditions for entry to TSB Arena.

2.5 Limited Exception to Prohibition on Transfer of Memberships allows Primary Account Holders to authorize the transfer of their Memberships to new holders.

2.6 Limitation of Member Benefits may be subject to capacity, and benefits' provision depends on mutual agreement.

2.7 Maximum Number of Tickets or Memberships may be specified by Wellington Saints.

2.8 Scalping of Membership Card or Ticket is not permitted without prior written consent.

2.9 Privacy Act statement outlines the use of personal information for Membership administration and marketing.

2.10 Changes to Matches allows Wellington Saints to vary, substitute, or reschedule matches due to safety or unforeseen circumstances.

  1. Behavior and Entry to and Right to Remain in TSB Arena

3.1 Patrons must comply with Wellington Saints' and TSB Arena's conditions, including searches.

3.2 Playing Surface rules prohibit patrons on the playing area before or during the sports event.

3.3 Patrons may be refused entry for various reasons outlined in the terms.

3.4 Patrons will be asked to leave for specific behaviors or non-compliance with Terms and Conditions.

3.5 Restrictions on Patrons bringing food and drink items are detailed.

3.6 Patrons may not bring prohibited items into TSB Arena.

3.7 Smoking is prohibited in TSB Arena, allowed only in designated areas.

3.8 General guidelines for safety, security, and personal responsibility are outlined.

3.9 Courtesy to Other Persons requires respectful behavior; discourteous behavior may result in membership or ticket revocation.

3.10 Process to Address Discourteous Behavior encourages reporting and addressing discourteous behavior.

3.11 Direction to Leave TSB Arena outlines consequences for failure to comply.

3.12 Recording Equipment and Cameras rules regarding photography and recording devices.

3.13 Withdrawal of Admission allows Wellington Saints to refuse or withdraw admission for appropriate reasons.

3.14 Family and Child Access provides guidelines for family areas and child admission.

  1. Contact Details and Update of Terms

4.1 Contact information for ticket and Membership Card issues.

4.2 Amendment of these Terms and Conditions allows Wellington Saints to update terms on its website.



The Wellington Saints and TSB Arena are transitioning to digital membership cards. Members will receive a mobile membership card for game access, downloadable to their phones. 

For those without smartphones or email access, alternative options are provided. Contact [email protected] for assistance.


Baller (Premium Memberships) remains General Admission in Block 1. Baller Up (Gold and Silver Memberships) offers seat selection in Blocks 7 & 8 throughout the season.

Payment options include upfront payment or over 3 monthly installments in December, January and February.


Membership packs will be available at the first game, for those unable to attend the tip off of the season, we will have this aviable for you at the merch stand, you must present your season membership to gain your pack.


Mini Baller and Child memberships are available for children aged 14 and under, requiring adult supervision.


Concession memberships for students and seniors may require ID verification on entry.


Contact [email protected] to purchase accessible seating memberships.


All 10 home games will be held at TSB Bank Arena, with doors opening 1 hour and 15 minutes before tip-off.


For ticket or Membership Card issues, contact Wellington Saints  Terms and Conditions may be amended at any time, with changes posted on the Wellington Saints website.