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Johnny Helu returns to round out our 2023 3x3 Squad

Wellington, New Zealand – The Wellington Saints are excited to welcome back the versatile and highly skilled Johnny Helu to their 3x3 squad as they gear up for the upcoming 3x3 Cup tournament. This seasoned player, known for his exceptional on-court abilities, adds depth and experience to the team's lineup.

Johnny Helu, a product of Wellington College, boasts an impressive basketball career. With three seasons in the New Zealand National Basketball League (NZNBL) under his belt, Helu is no stranger to the demands of high-level competition. Notably, he was a key component of the Saints' 2022 3x3 Cup team, where his contributions added to the team's success.

Having recently completed his second season with the Southland Sharks, Johnny Helu returns to the blue and white of the Saints, rekindling the strong bond with the organization and its fans. His exciting and dynamic style of play is set to inject a fresh and thrilling energy into the 3x3 format.

Off the court, Helu shares a close friendship with Saints' captain, Rangimarie, creating an exciting pairing that promises to electrify the court. Alongside hardworking standout Kawharu Hippolite and the agile and imposing Isaac Miller-Jose who Johnny played alongside at Wellington College, the Wellington Saints are primed and ready to make a splash at the upcoming 3x3 Cup in Invercargill. The team has set its sights on securing the 3x3 Cup title for 2023, and with Johnny Helu's return, they are well-equipped for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead.