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Day 1 in the books at The 3x3 Cup

Invercargill, New Zealand - The Wellington Saints showcased their exceptional 3x3 basketball skills on the opening day of the 3x3 Cup tournament in Invercargill. With a thrilling display of talent and determination, the team secured three victories out of four games.

The day began with a closely contested match against the Rams, which resulted in the Saints' sole loss of the day. However, the team quickly rebounded and went on to claim impressive victories against the Taranaki Airs, Tavake Pasfika, and the Southland Sharks. These wins demonstrated their adaptability, learning from each game and continually improving as they progressed through the day.

The team's performance in the tournament has made them a formidable contender for the 3x3 Cup title. Their grit and strategic play have been on full display as they take on some of the strongest opponents in the tournament.

As the tournament moves into its next phase, fans of the Wellington Saints can look forward to more thrilling 3x3 basketball action. All of the team's upcoming games will be broadcast live on SkySport, providing supporters with a front-row seat to the action. The schedule for today's games is as follows:

  • 12:25 PM vs. Hawks
  • 1:05 PM vs. Whai
  • 6:05 PM vs. Waikato University
  • 9:05 PM vs. Giants

With a winning momentum and a determined spirit, the Wellington Saints are well-positioned to continue their impressive performance in the tournament and make their mark in 3x3 basketball history.