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We Welcome Back Taane Samuel

The Mills Albert Wellington Saints have announced the return of Taane Samuel for the remainder of the 2024 season, marking the continuation of a successful partnership between the player and the team. Coach Zico Coronel expressed his excitement about having Samuel back on the roster, highlighting the mutual benefits of their collaboration.


"We're pleased to rekindle a mutually beneficial partnership with Taane Samuel, as he joins us for the '24 season," stated Coach Coronel. "His basketball IQ and versatile skill set meshes well with our system. He'll help to galvanise and deepen our roster. Reciprocally, we provide Taane an environment that can help him to further progress his career, as he returns to New Zealand temporarily following a successful first season playing in Japan."


Samuel, known for his versatility, is set to make a significant impact on the court for the Saints in a new role for 2024. His return comes after a successful stint playing in Japan, where he showcased his talent and further honed his skills.


We look forward to seeing Taane suit up this Sunday in our Round 6 clash with the Manawatu Jets on the road.