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Love for the game

Love for the game spread in 1968, when Father Terry O’Neil suggested to a tight-knit Senior ‘A-team’ that they form a St. Pat’s Old Boys’ Basketball Club. The newly formed club proved healthy competition to the established Marist Club, which became a healthy rivalry and an exciting competition for fans. Wellingtonian love grew for the team, and the fans are now a growing extension of their beloved team.

Back in 1979, there were plans to form a National Basketball League. The established Marist Club and the Old Boys’ Club began to look for a Physical Education teacher to coach both teams. Well-known American Fred Sawaya was appointed, becoming the first imported basketball coach.

By the time the National League started in 1981, the team was ready for action. The club was strengthened by amalgamation of four St. Pat’s teams and 12 Southern Basketball Club teams. The powerful new club was officially named “the Saints”. 

The following year, the Saints attracted its first sponsor,  ‘Nite Site,’ and were able to import their first American basketballer, Kenny McFadden. The year of 1983 saw the fan base grow to new heights, and the team could no longer fit games in the school gym. The Saints moved to the Madgwick Stadium. The Saints grew closer and closer to victory. They took the League title in 1984, 1985, 1987 and 1988.

Since coming into the National Basketball League, the Saints have made 26 of 34 season playoffs, which is the most of any team in the league.

During that span, Wellington has played 634 games and won 393, which is a strong 62% winning percentage.
The Saints have won the Regular Season eight times and won ten Championships Titles in 84, 85, 87, 88, 03, 10, 11, 14, 16 and 2017 which was a NBL and club record setting undefeated season of 20 wins from 20 games.


Nick Mills

Chief Executive Officer 

Nick Mills is one of the founding members of the Weillington Saints Organization, which began in 1982. In 1983 the Saints entered the National League, and by 1989 the Saints, under Mills had won four champions and been to the Finals six straight years (1983-89). After 1991 Mills decided to concentrate on other endeavours, but returned in 2003, to help the Saints win their fifth title. Mills has been the CEO for the majority of the 2000s and since 2008 the team has made eight finals and won a further five championships.

Fran Scholey

General Manager

Fran Scholey joined the Saints in 2014, Fran's major strengths are of business knowledge and experience working as Sales & Marketing Manager in different industries. Fran has a strong drive and dedication to the community and competitive sport.  This has seen her represent New Zealand at Indoor netball and New Zealand Mixed netball teams, enabling her to gain valuable insight into what makes & drives a great team.
Fran is a strong believer in local sport & how the community can get involved in accelerating the team beyond their own capabilities and beliefs. The Saints went on to win the Championship in 2014, lost in the final in 2015 and won the championship back in 2016 and 2017 was a historic setting undefeated season!   


What's On?

Cigna Saints announce head coach after finals weekend 30 Jul 2018 - Cigna Saints announce head coach after finals weekend Paul Henare to succeed Kevin Braswell
Cigna Saints get two wins on the road 09 Jul 2018 - Cigna Saints get two wins on the road Double Match Report on our two road games
Cigna Saints survive in thriller with Rams 04 Jul 2018 - Cigna Saints survive in thriller with Rams The Cigna Saints have claimed their eleventh win
Cigna Saints beaten down South 22 Jun 2018 - Cigna Saints beaten down South The SIT Zerofees Sharks have again ended a Cigna Saints winning streak with a 98-86 win.

Points Table 2018

Cigna Saints 10 1 20
Nelson Giants 9 2 18
Southland Sharks 7 3 14
Hawkes Bay Hawks 6 5 12
Canterbury Rams 6 4 12
Taranaki Mountainairs 2 8 4
Supercity Rangers 1 10 2
Manawatu Jets 1 9 2

The Latest

Community Fun


The Wellington Saints are proud to support the development of youth basketball by introducting fundamental basketball skills, teamwork, leadership, and FUN!!