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Catch up with Coach Guy Molloy

31 / 05 / 2022

We spoke with Coach Guy before we hit the road

We spoke with Coach Guy Molloy ahead of our road trip this weekend and the last few weeks at home!

“Coaching the Saints at TSB arena has been an amazing experience the past few weeks.

Although we’re disappointed we didn’t win a couple more games the team is building and adding quality players week by week.

We’re confident we’ll get much stronger from here. It will be terrific to add star aussie Xavier Cooks to the lineup for the road trip starting with Canterbury Rams this Friday. We know he will be a superstar in this league.

Otherwise, I’m loving the noise and passion that the Saints fans bring to every game and I can’t wait to get back home and play again soon.”

Catch our games with the Rams and Airs on SkySport. We play the Rams on Friday night with tip off at 7:30pm and The Airs on Sunday with tip off at 5:00pm