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Boucher hustles toward lucky 13 12 Apr 2013

By Kris Shannon - NZ Herald

There's only one number this retiring Breaker really cares about in his career.

Dillon Boucher always knew he was fast.

He may not have been able to jump the highest and he may not have had the sweetest jump shot, but he thought he was as quick as anyone.

It is far easier to tell what Boucher is incapable of doing on a basketball court than what he does bring to the game, but scampering around the hardwood was one of the few aspects of the sport at which his ability was evident.

He has scrambled for innumerable loose balls to earn extra possessions for his team; he has picked the pocket of countless opposition players after a guard threw an errant pass.

There is nothing glamorous about hustle plays. The attention of Breakers fans cannot help but be attracted when Tom Abercrombie soars through the sky to slam home a lob pass, or when Cedric Jackson unlocks a seemingly impenetrable defence to drive to the hoop.

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